Brand Protection

Focus on your core business and instruct TMIS to assist with your brand protection needs.

TMIS provide a comprehensive market watch monitoring service across Australia and New Zealand. We offer a targeted approach, with our main focus on areas where we find the majority of counterfeit goods.

We record brands sighted across all types of products and hold extensive historical records including vehicle registrations in addition to name and other identification details. Such intelligence is beneficial to the Australian Border Force seizure component as well as Criminal Prosecutions.

Once infringements are identified, we obtain the necessary evidence we identify the infringer and prepare Cease & Desist letters. TMIS can assist in the preparation of these letters or work with your legal team.

TMIS keep detailed records of these letters for use for future evidence if required. We manage ongoing issues with recidivists.

TMIS have considerable experience in investigating and identifying the identities of online traders.

Furthermore, we can conduct online monitoring across social media platforms to identify infringements of your brand. Once infringements are identified, we can assist in removing the listing or obtaining test purchases and identifying the sellers.

In order to implement an effective border protection program, it is critical to lodge your brand with local border enforcement. This will allow officers to seize counterfeit goods at the border, which eases and reduces the cost of any infringement action at market level.

TMIS work closely with Australian Border Force and New Zealand Customs Service, from lodging Notices on your behalf to preparing Cease & Desist letters.

Police cooperation is difficult in Australia as there is low priority placed on intellectual property crime.

TMIS identify suitable recidivist infringers from Intel gathered from the market watch program and prepare a brief to report to State or Federal Police. Once an operation is confirmed, we assist Police to provide manpower, resources, evidence and preparation of Expert Witness Statements.